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Philippine girls

Good women bad women how do you spot them.
Is it possible to find a nice foreign wife, yes it is, if you know more about the culture and customs.
If you considering going to the Philippines or marrying a Filipina wife you need to see our  videos If you buy my video you can call me for a quick consultation about your problem. .The common problem with men who became victims , was they were lonely and based their decision to find a Asian wife on information provided by web sites or other men who got their information from websites selling introductions. 

We are the only agency in the United states that helps men find  filipina wives by providing information,  on culture, security checks, immigration issues and specific information and services to spot fraud issues.

My video will tell you more about the Philippine culture , Why the girls come, and How Philippine scammers work so you can avoid them and hopefully find the girl of your dreams. Philippine girls are also called Filipina girls or pinoys

You have to understand the culture.

Video 1 How to find a Philippine wife ,or spot a scammer, contains information on the Philippine culture, how scammers work travel tips and more.49.95 plus ship and handling 5.95

 "How to find a Philippine wife" has information on the Philippine culture and with tips to stop scammers, cultural tips and great advice. One man wrote I wished I had seen your video before I sent 500 to the Philippines girl that was writing me.

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We have experience preventing visa fraud and helping you have a successful marriage by gaining knowledge of your fiancés culture .

When we look at the religious associations of the Asian nations, the Philippines is the only nation with a large Roman Catholic population. The balance of religious affiliations in the Philippines is Aligpayan, Protestant and Muslim.

The dominating religion of Catholicism in the Philippines

Dating & Marriage

Today, couples usually make the decision as to whom they wish to marry.  Since family is important in the Philippines, the family itself is involved in the dating and marriage procedure.

Specific dating and marriage customs vary depending on where the couple lives. In the city, a couple may go out for dinner and dancing. .

When a man decides that he wishes to wed a woman, his parents visit her house and present a gift. Gifts can be as extravagant as offering to build a home or paying for a college education. In some rural areas, the bride’s family may offer a large dowry to the groom. In turn, the groom’s family is responsible for the wedding costs including gifts and wedding apparel.

Padrinos & Madrinas

Family ties and kinship are an important component to the Philippine family. Godfathers (padrinos) and godmothers (madrinas) are always present at the marriage ceremony.

The marriage and ceremony celebrations are typically performed at the local Catholic Church. A family’s participation in the event is important. Therefore, it is rare that a couple makes the decision to elope or join

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